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Payments are made with Paypal or by a debit/credit card, using Paypal's secure online service.

There is a small booking fee of £ 1.00 for each set of entries made on the system

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Date Closing Date Name of Event Venue Status Schedule Times Results
24/10/2020 16/10/2020 Newmarket & Thurlow PC Team and Individual Showjumping Competition Horseheath Racecourse Open for entries Download Schedule Open to All


Please ensure you have read and will comply with the PC COVID 19 rules (available on   Only one travelling companion per competitor allowed.  Gloves must be worn to adjust jumps in the warm up area.   The competition is run under the Pony Club Show Jumping Rules 2020 and competitors are reminded that the  Pony ClubVaccination Rules Apply and Passports will be randomly checked.